Why “Running to the Beets” ??

Well, first, I do run.  Not super well, but I do.  My life goal is to stop saying “not super well” and just say “I am a runner”.

Beets – yes, I love them.  Hated them as a kid, now I could jump in a pool of beets and be perfectly happy.  Beets is ultimately a reference to the foods I eat.  I describe myself as vegetarian to friends, but honestly, I struggle with consistency here too.  Another goal is to be proud of my food choices, but also I do not subscribe to strict diets.  So I will have cake when I want cake.

PS I am a Registered Dietitian, with a specialty in oncology and plant-based diets.

But Running to the Beets is ultimately about a journey to whole health.  I believe that each person makes their own health decisions and those decisions should be respected.  Whole health is about the mind and body and doing what is best so you can go out into this big world and do great things.

We are all here to do great things and to make the world a better place through kindness and compassion.  You need a healthy body and mind to do that, so lets do this together!