Week 1 Plan

With starting over, you need a plan.  I am actually trying to merge a couple of different plans together because I have a couple of goals – realistic goals, nothing crazy.  But they are goals that will force me to look ahead and  work toward them.

First is my RunCoach Plan:

Sept 2: Cross Training

Sept 3:  Easy Run (2 miles)

Sept 4: Cross Training

Sept 5: Easy Run (2 miles)

Sept 6: Cross Training

Sept 7: 4 Miles Long Run

Sept 8:  4 Miles Easy Run

*This is kind of a drop-back week on the RunCoach plan, but because I have been pretty slack for the majority of August, I feel like I’ve already taken my drop back.  I’m going to just slightly bump this up and create some challenges for myself.

My plan is for Mondays and Fridays cross-training is biking and adding in some upper body weights.  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are dedicated to my group runs.  If those get interrupted by weather, life etc…..I can fall back to the treadmill, but my preference is to get up early and run with the group.  Wednesdays, I have borrowed a term from the Hanson Method of training “SOS” or Something of Substance.  I’d like for Wednesday workouts to be challenging.  This may be the most difficult for me since I have historically taken Wednesdays off.  Sundays, my favorite way to spend the morning is on the trail – it will be a slow “easy” run, taking breaks when needed, but slowly increasing my trail speed.

While I don’t want to ramp it up so fast that I become injured or exhausted, I feel like Mondays and Fridays are “easier” days – more of keeping in the habit of getting up and getting moving.  I do feel better when I start off the day with something.  I still need to figure out a way to get back into a regular yoga practice as well.  Hoping that on “run” days, I can carve out a little time to do some home yoga.

So that’s the plan.  With this, I have changed the blog settings back to Public (which is why you don’t see anything prior to today – those remain private posts.  I may open them up in the future, but for now, I will leave them hidden).  I am hoping that this being public will help me be more accountable 🙂


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